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Summer School Abroad (SSA)

Take classes at an international university for 2-4 weeks during summer break. With support from the Study Abroad and Away office, you get to travel independently while you earn SJSU credit and take classes with other international students. 


England: University of Sussex Summer School

Travel to beautiful Brighton, England and take courses at the renowned University of Sussex. Less than an hour from London, Brighton is often called the "happiest and hippest place to live in the UK". This famous seaside city is full of quaint cafes, vibrant clubs, and eclectic shops which make it the perfect location to be a summer student! Study hard during the day, sample the Brighton fun on weeknights, and explore the local area during your weekends. With a robust Student life programme consisting of health and wellbeing activities, history and cultural excursions, on-campus social events, and tours to nearby Brighton, voted the happiest city in the UK for students, you'll have a fun-filled summer to remember! More Info

Finland: JAMK University of Applied Sciences Summer School

This direct-enrollment summer study abroad program allows you to attend the Summer School in Leadership - A Nordic Experience at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland. This intensive, 3-week program enables you take 2 or 4 courses that have been pre-approved to fulfill GE requirements or university electives with students from around the world.  You’ll be immersed in a safe and beautiful natural environment enriched by architecture created by internationally known designers, such as Alvar Aalto. You’ll be able to explore the stunning Finnish landscape through a variety of outdoor activities, in a region recognized as one of the most beautiful areas in the nation. More Info

Netherlands: Utrecht University

Utrecht is an incredibly green city where you can get around by affordable public transportation or (like most Dutch students) on your bike! The city is a smaller more affordable version of Amsterdam, lined with canals, loads of students (there are three major universities in Utrecht), and overflowing with history and culture. If you can't keep busy in Utrecht, zip up to Amsterdam on a 30 minute train trip. The Netherlands (Holland) is located nicely in Europe to allow for lots of exploration in your free time. But of course, if you want to stay in Utrecht for the weekends you can always go on a cycling tour of the city, night canoeing in the canals, or on an excursion to Delft or the Hague. More info

South Korea: Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Summer School

Spend three weeks ( in Seoul, South Korea, to take 1 or 2 courses at the renowned and oldest university in South Korea, Sunkyunkwan University (SKKU) with students from around the world. Courses can fulfill General Education (GE) requirements, university electives, or potentially major or minor requirements in business, economics, radio-television, psychology, sociology, history, history, Korean language, political science, environmental studies, and more. More info