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SJSU Required Courses

Looking for a program to complete a specific SJSU requirement? This is a list of short-term programs that fulfill one or more SJSU requirements - anything from a GE course to a physical activity course. Please note that students can complete GE courses and other SJSU required courses on our semester and year-long programs as well. This is not a comprehensive list of pathways to complete SJSU required courses; it is intended to be a starting point in your search for the perfect program. If you are just beginning to think about studying abroad or away, check out these suggestions. If you want to explore other locations or program options, please use the search filters under "Programs" and/or schedule an advising appointment with our team.

Recommended Programs (all majors)

Country Type University / Program Link
Australia Faculty-Led Program Australia (GLST): Accidental Advocates in Australia: How to Save the World (Area V) info
Greece Faculty-Led Program Greece (NUFS): A Taste of the Mediterranean - Flavors of Greece (Area V) info
Italy Faculty-Led Program Italy (NUFS): Seaside in Sorrento (Areas V and R) info
Japan Faculty-Led Program Japan (ANTH): Ainu, Artisans and Seafarers in Sapporo - Emerging Global Cultures in the Heart of Hokkaido (Area V) info
Japan Faculty-Led Program Japan (GLST): Dynasty and Dynamism in Tokyo (Area V) info
N. Ireland Faculty-Led Program Northern Ireland (KIN): Sports, Culture and Recreation (Area V) info
Puerto Rico Faculty-Led Program Puerto Rico (KIN): Active Puerto Rico! (PE) info
South Korea Faculty-Led Program South Korea (KIN): The Land of the Morning Calm (PE) info