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Virtual Programs

Study Abroad and Away offers several programs in a virtual format, including the Virtual International Partners (VIP) program and virtual Faculty-Led Programs (FLP). Please click on the links below for more details.
Summer 2022 Faculty-Led Programs (FLP)

Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) are San Jose State University (SJSU) courses taught by SJSU faculty from various academic fields. Courses typically range from 3-6 units and a majority of our programs satisfy upper division GE courses (Area R, S and V). Virtual FLPs incorporate immersive learning activities that highlight the destination and culture of focus.

The table below lists the virtual FLPs offered during Summer 2022. Please check back for more virtual FLP offerings in future terms.
Country SJSU Course(s) Program Title Link
Japan ANTH  115 (Area V) ANTH: Ainu, Artisans and Seafarers in Sapporo - Emerging Global Cultures in the Heart of Hokkaido info
Japan GLST 188 (GE Area V) GLST: Dynasty and Dynamism in Tokyo info
Japan NUFS 144  & 139 (GE Area V & R) NUFS: Gourmet Culinary Experience in Japan  
South Korea KIN 180 & 54A KIN: The Land of the Morning Calm info

Virtual International Partners (VIP) Programs
Virtual International Partner (VIP) programs provide San Jose State University students the opportunity to learn about another culture while communicating with an international partner for a semester-long virtual exchange. Participants are connected with partners and virtually meet to have discussions on a variety of topics (ex: food, holidays, family, school, etc.) and learn about each other. Students can either take a 1-unit course alongside the program (currently only offered to CHHS students) or participate in a non-credit-bearing version. The programs run in both fall and spring semesters. Click the links below for more details. 
Programs Course Link
Virtual International Partners (VIP) - College of Health & Human Sciences (CHHS) CHHS 198ITL - International Experience Seminar info
Virtual International Partners (VIP) - Non-Credit  N/A (not credit-bearing) info