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Study Abroad for All!

Welcome to your online portal to SJSU's study abroad programs in over 350 locations around the world in the US. The choice is yours and the possibilities are limitless!  We look forward to seeing you soon virtually or in-person. 

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Summer 2023 Faculty-Led Programs
DEADLINE EXTENDED: February 2, 2023 at 11:59pm PT
Location Program Title & Focus Link
Australia Australia (GLST): Accidental Advocates in Australia: How to Save the World (Area V) Info
Costa Rica Costa Rica (ART): Grow Green in Costa Rica Info
Finland Finland (OCTH): Eternal Sun and Creative Fun Info
Germany Germany (COMM): Berlin - A Cultural Extravaganza - limited spots available Info
Greece Greece (NUFS): A Taste of the Mediterranean: Flavors of Greece! (Area V) - limited spots available Info
Italy (Venice) Italy (ARTH): Venice - Majestic Beauty, Ethereal City Info
Italy (Sorrento) Italy (NUFS): Seaside in Sorrento (Areas V and R) - limited spots available Info
Japan (Sapporo) Japan (ANTH): Ainu, Artisans and Seafarers in Sapporo - Emerging Global Cultures in the Heart of Hokkaido (Area V) - limited spots available Info
Japan (Kyoto/Tokyo) Japan (ART): Exploring Japan through Art Info
Japan (Tokyo) Japan (GLST): Dynasty and Dynamism in Tokyo (Area V) - limited spots available Info
Northern Ireland (UK)/Ireland Northern Ireland (KIN): Sports, Culture and Recreation (Area V) Info
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (KIN): Active Puerto Rico! (PE) - limited spots available Info
Scotland (UK) Scotland (FS/JS): Comparative Forensic Science - US and UK - limited spots available Info
South Korea South Korea (EDCO): Cultivating Global Mindedness in South Korea Info
South Korea South Korea (KIN): The Land of the Morning Calm (PE) Info
South Korea South Korea (PSYC): Summer in Seoul - Cultural Psychology Info
Sweden Sweden (POLS): Swedish Social Democracy in Action! Info
Taiwan Taiwan (BUS): Beyond Supply-Chain Operations, Food & Culture  Info
Taiwan Taiwan (OCTH): Recipe for Success - Healthcare in Taiwan - limited spots available Info
Thailand Thailand (SOCI): Hands on Thailand Info
Vietnam Vietnam (OCTH): Everyday Occupations from Hanoi to Dalat Info